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monogram sets monogram sets monogram sets monogram sets monogram sets monogram sets
monogram sets

Baroque XL Monogram Set 1: $29.95

  • Baroque XL Monogram Set 1
  • Baroque XL Monogram Set 1

View the monogram style in color and white on white.


A bigger version of our popular Baroque Monogram Set 1 - for those with larger hoops.

The larger center letters, done in satin stitch, have stylized "shading" in the open areas. The flanking letters are satin stitch, and the satin stitch ring embellishment can be used or omitted. Many variations of placement of the parts make this style very versatile for creating a large three-letter monogram.

XL Monogram Sets

All embroidery designs can be resized within your embroidery software program. We encourage our customers to learn how their software resizes designs, and to experiment with resizing our smaller monogram set sizes. For an informative article on the basic issues with resizing, please see Resizing Designs in our FAQ Section

Embroidery machines do not like to sew satin stitch columns - which are a primary element of our monogram sets - beyond a column width of 9mm for some machines, 12mm for others. If you do the resizing you will likely need to convert larger versions to a fill pattern when this limit is reached or exceeded.

For our XL sizes we have redigitized the design elements to narrow wider columns so that the machine's limitations are not exceeded.

It is up to you to determine if you have a hoop large enough to sew our XL sizes, and a machine capable of supporting a larger sewing field. If you aren't able to take advantage of our XL sizes as they are provided you can use your software to reduce the design size as needed.

Buy Two Styles in XL Bundle - $39.95

Purchase Baroque 1 and Baroque 1 XL - Download

Monogram Combinations

Free Sample: Download "R" from Baroque XL 1   [Instructions]

Resize Our Designs: All of our designs can be made larger or smaller within an embroidery software program with resizing capability. For more information, see our FAQ section on resizing.


53 designs: A thru Z in two sizes, plus ring embellishment
(The complete set contains both sizes and embellishment)

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3 3/4 inch high letters (96mm)
1 color
stitch count: 1,176 - 3,605


7 inch high letters (177mm)
1 color
stitch count: 4,775 - 13,230

Baroque XL 1 embroideryarts.com Baroque XL 1

View Combined Monogram
Note: Multiple design options for placement of ring corner bracket.

Download Complete Baroque XL Set 1: $29.95    ?

Purchase for Download
File size (4.35 MB)

The complete Monogram Set is a single multi-format .exe file.
The included install wizard will automatically install your choice of 7¬†formats.     More info on installations?

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Purchase complete Monogram Sets by choosing either the Download or Mail Order options above.

See detailed purchase and download instructions.

(We recommend that you download your purchase to your harddrive - downloaded products are .exe files, and cannot be split across multiple diskettes. Also, before purchasing, insure that your computer is not part of a network in an office, library, etc that blocks .exe files)

All prices are in US dollars. Click for currency conversion.

monogram sets


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monogram sets
monogram sets monogram sets monogram sets monogram sets monogram sets monogram sets
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