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Formats Supported

Formats Supported

1.We are a small company, and made the decision some time ago that we could not afford to retool our product line each time a machine manufacturer creates a new embroidery format.

2. We support 7 different formats. This means that our products are compatible with all home and commercial embroidery machines. Some machine types may require the user to convert the designs within their embroidery software program as they are used. Some users, particularly home embroiderers, may require additional software to transfer designs from their computer to a blank memory card.

3. Our designs are available in 7 formats:

.csd Singer / P.O.E.M
.dst - Tajima
.exp - Melco expanded
.hus - Husqvarna Viking
.pcs - Pfaff
.pes - Brother, Babylock, Bernina
.sew - Janome/New Home, Elna

4. If the format that you use is not listed here, or if you are unsure about which format you need, please review the list below for the best format option:

3. Commercial Formats

Commercial embroiderers have often bought designs in .cnd (Melco Condensed) format. This copyrighted format was the first developed to allow designs to be resized from vector files, which define only the outlines of shapes. Since there are now at least 6 inexpensive stand-alone resizing programs produced by different companies that allow successful resizing from stitch (expanded) files, along with upgrades to commercial embroidery software for the same purpose, we do not consider .cnd designs to be essential for commercial embroiderers.

Commercial Formats
Format Type Format Recommended
.dat, .fdrIII, fmc Barudan .dst
.phb, .phc Brother Commercial .dst
.xxx Compucom .dst
.tap Happy .dst
.cnd, .exp Melco .exp, .dst
.ksm Pfaff Commercial .dst
.dst Tajima .dst
.100 Toyota .dst
.zsk Zangs .dst

Feedback or Questions about "Formats Supported" (2)

I purchased a collection on CD. In order to run the designs on a Bernina 200E, do I first use the wizard to install the designs on my computer, then burn a CD to be used in the CDrom player connected to the embroidery machine?

WholesaleMonograms.com Support answers:

All of our products are multi-format, and include an installation wizard. The CD drive that you connect to your Bernina 200E machine will only read embroidery design files, not an Installation file. If you want to put all of the designs from one of our Collections on one CD that you machine will read, run the installation and either choose to install the designs to a CD from the installation wizard, or install the designs to your Computer first and then copy the files to a CD after installation.

Your machine will read .exp format. In our installation wizard that format is described with its correct title - Melco Expanded (.exp) format.

You can preview the Installation Wizard step-by-step.

If you have embroidery software (Bernina Artista, Embird, etc) in addition to you Bernina 200E machine you might want to install the designs on your computer, then use your software to create multiple-letter monograms, resize designs, etc. You would then only copy designs to a CD as you need them. In that case you would be better off using a rewritable (CD-RW) CD, so that you can keep reusing the same CD.

--Posted May 27, 2006 02:52 PM

Howdy, I do need to convert cnd file, what source can be used, thans alot

WholesaleMonograms.com Support answers:

Assuming that you mean .cnd (Melco Condensed) format, and not .csd (Singer P.O.E.M) what you want to do is a bit specialized. There are many software/resizing programs and cataloguing programs that will convert .csd format to other embroidery formats. To convert .cnd format, try contacting Dakota Collectibles about their Dakota Sizer and AlphaSizer programs.

--Posted April 25, 2006 07:17 PM

monogram setsmonogram setsmonogram setsmonogram setsmonogram setsmonogram sets
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