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Medieval Monogram Sets

Medieval 1 - $29.95


A large classic one-color monogram style - great for towels! Brought up to date from actual 12th Century lettering styles (which did not include several letters in the modern alphabet - they weren't invented yet). This style suggests typography from the credits for black and white films about knights and maidens.

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Medieval 2 - $29.95


Although the artwork for this monogram style is from the late 19th Century, and the letters would be perfectly at home in an ancient setting, they have an irresistably contemporary side - like little animated characters. The A has a bouncy optimism, the K is a little shy. Letters are filled with a manual seeding stitch, and completed with a satin stitch outline.

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Medieval 3 - $29.95


This monogram style is digitized from artwork produced in France for professional embroiderers. The artwork was published in 1950, with a not that says "in the style of Louis XII". He was King of France from 1498 to 1515 and King of Naples from 1501 to 1504.

The designs are done in satin stitch with areas filled in with a manual seed stitch. The artwork shows some areas filled and others left open, which we thought was unusual.

The letters have a playful quality and distinct personalities.

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Medieval 4 - $29.95


The artwork for this monogram style is very old - we aren't really sure how old. Our graphic source suggests sometime in the 17th Century. The satin stitch elements are accented with interior satin stitch ovals that are built up with extra underlay to make them nice and rounded.

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Supported Formats:

  • .csd    Singer / P.O.E.M
  • .dst    Tajima
  • .exp    Melco expanded
  • .hus    Husqvarna Viking
  • .pcs    Pfaff
  • .pes    Brother, Babylock, Bernina
  • .sew    Janome/New Home, Elna


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