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One of the problems with embroidery on terrycloth is that after repeated washings the loops can work their way through the stitches. Water-soluble stabilizer will hold down the loops at first, but will wash away when laundered. Try an old commercial embroidery trick - dry cleaner bags. They are readily available, and don’t break down when washed. The bag is cut away on the edges by the needle penetrations from the embroidery.

Feedback or Questions about "Terrycloth" (2)

What are the best bath towels to embroidery? Some I have embroidered ball up or get pulls....is there a best type of towel? Thanks, Judy

WholesaleMonograms.com Support answers:

Generally speaking, the more you pay for a towel the better the quality will be. If you are looking for an online source we have always heard good things about the things sold through Embroider This!

--Posted May 30, 2006 09:52 AM

Can you give me more tips on monogramming towels? I have been doing trial and error and am not pleased yet. The loops on the towel seem to engulf my monogram. Also, is there a "normal" size to do towel and hand towels?

WholesaleMonograms.com Support answers:

The key to keeping monograms visible on thick towels is to choose one that doesn't have alot of fine details, is a satin stitch design, and is large enough to keep the loops of the towel under control.

Also, for really full coverage, sew the design twice - sew the monogram once, then without removing the hoop from the machine, sew the same monogram again, directly on top of the first one. Although the embroidery may be a bit stiff at first it will soften up with use.

The size of a monogram has more to do with fashion than anything else - in the 1930s there was a fashion for 7" - 9" tall monograms on towels. Whatever size monogram you choose, the size of the monogram on the hand towel is often a bit smaller, which is where your resizing software comes in.

--Posted June 3, 2005 08:12 PM

monogram setsmonogram setsmonogram setsmonogram setsmonogram setsmonogram sets
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